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Design a Mixtape Cover in under 30min using tools dedicated for musicians.

Welcome to DesignaMixtape.com! Here you are given the tools to jump start your musical career. Design your own Mixtape Cover using propritary tools, and some packages include Social Media packages. All Mixtape that are created through us are designed using up to date Print Standards, using CMYK, and proper printing guidelines.

The only milestones of a musician lies in the footprint of their mixtape visual history.

Mixtape designs

Mixtape Covers designed using our tool

Using our simple tool, you're able to Drag and Drop background images, background hues, objects, upload your own images, add text, and more.

Watch our Video Tutorials to see how the professionals knock out top tier mixtape covers using our tool.






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$10Digital Design - Front Only
No Printing/No Social Media

Good for Web Promotion only. Logo tagged.

$50 Digital Design - Front/Back
No Printing/No Social Media

Good if you have a Print connect, just need full design.

$160 Digital Design + Printing
1,000 Covers/No Social Media

Starter package to get your printed covers to your door.

$200Print + Basic Social Media
1,000 Covers + 500 Likes/Follows

Great for a starter Mixtape launch. Includes Twitter/Facebook activity.

$250Print + Basic Social Media
2,500 Covers + 1,000 Likes/Follows

Great Mixtape Launch Package. Printing + Social Media

$550 Artist Mega Pack
5,000 Covers + Custom Social Media bundle

Printed Covers + Consulting from a Social Media Team


Frequently Asked Questions

Mixtape Design

How do I design a Mixtape Cover?

Desiging a Mixtape cover is a simple concept, yet complex in how you want to do it. Select Background images, Hues, and Objects. Upload images for Logos, Production Logos, and Images of the artist* to use in the artwork.

*Pictures of Artists will need to be previously cropped

Where can I learn to design a Mixtape?

The tool we offer is meant to help users design Mixtape Covers very easily, quick, and cheap. Artists are trying to get their Mixtapes out and generating buzz immediately. You can view our Design Videos which show you step-by-step on how the professionals design Mixtapes using our tools.

We highly reccomend watching these videos, to ensure you're getting everything you can when designing your own. Learn how to use layering, plan ahead, and use everything we offer for maximum results.

Packages & payment

Which package should I select?

Each package is designed for each type of Artist, budget and launch plan. You can get just the Digital Front, which can be used for Facebook, Twitter, and other Social sites. You can also select packages that include Printing and Social Media features.

What do I get?

Depending on the package you select, you will get the Digital Design (Front) at minimum. The higher the package you can get Digital Design (Back), Printing (1k, 5k quantity), and Social Media packages (Twitter Follows, Facebook likes, or Weekly/Monthly Account Management).

All Mixtape Digital Designs will follow up to date Print Standards, including Color Depth, DPI, and include Print Guidelines. It will also include High quality PDF without Guidelines, and a 500x500 version to use for quick previews or posting on websites, etc.

If you have any questions or have issues please contact info@designamixtape.com

Mixtape design & marketing

If you're looking for custom mixtape design, large quantity, or custom marketing strategy. contact us using details to the right, and we'll get back to you asap.